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Individual psychotherapy 

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Psychological counselling

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Cognitive-behavioural therapy: feelings, thoughts and actions.

I offer professional counselling and cognitive-behavioural therapy. It is a method I believe in based on my own observations as well as numerous scientific studies that confirm its effectiveness.

How does it work? During our first few sessions we begin with facilitating mutual trust, establishment of goals and ways of achieving them. Next, we work together towards solving the main problems. I believe it is You who are experts on your own emotions, thoughts and behaviours. On my side, I offer tools for deeper understanding and change.

In my office I practive openness to diversity. I do not judge anybody, I strive to understand. I educate myself and consult my work with supervisors, so that I can offer psychological services of the highest standards. You can count on my professional knowledge, support and confidentiality.

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I'm a psychologist by passion and education, I'm currently working as a psychotherapist in a private practice in Katowice. I've completed a Psychology degree at University of Aberdeen in Scotland and Indiana University Bloomington in USA. I've completed a post-graduate course in cognitive-behavioural therapy at University of Social Sciences and Humanities SWPS in Katowice. I'm a certified psychotherapist and a member of Polish Society for Cognitive and Behavioural Therapy and Polish Society for EMDR Therapy .

I offer individual psychotherapy, counselling and psychological diagnosis. In my work I practice openness, empathy and rational thinking.

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Psychology and Psychotherapy Office Janusz Mazanowski
ul. Dunikowskiego 16/20
Gliwice, downtown
tel. +48 796407789 130PLN
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